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A.W. Jenkinson's and CompostManager one year on

  • 16 January 2014

A W Jenkinson

A W JENKINSONA.W. Jenkinson is a major player in the reprocessing of domestic and commercial green waste.
The business operates a large scale dedicated facility located at Hespin Wood just outside Carlisle which receives and processes the waste into high quality compost which is then sold into various markets. Having used CompostManager for a year they are already seeing the benefits to their business.

Hespin Wood is the first of a planned chain of facilities that will be sited across the UK in close proximity to large urban areas.

Although they already measured all four parameters of temperature, moisture, oxygen and carbon dioxide individually, A.W. Jenkinson was looking for a solution to measure all four with one with convenient system and software to analyse the results to provide accurate measuring and reporting. A.W. Jenkinson Clifton Site and Compliance Manager Giles Watson commented,

Giles Watson and colleague“The advantage of the CompostManager is that the measurements are done by one machine and it pulls all the information together to give appropriate recommendations.”
Giles Watson added,

“We have been actively using CompostManager for 12 months now and during this time have gained a more accurate understanding of how different factors influence composting. Going forward we hope to use this information to improve the efficiency of our composting process.”

The main benefit of the system is that it tells the site foreman the optimum time to turn windrows based on a number of key parameters which affect the composting process. Additionally it allows him to identify any problems with particular windrows and take appropriate corrective action if required. The information is also used to verify that the requirements of PAS 100, the industry standard for composts, certified by the British Standards Institution, have been met e.g. sanitisation and turning of windrows.

CMS2010 enables A.W. Jenkinson to speed up the entire composting cycle and reduces the probability of odours and bio-aerosols being released. They have found they are achieving a faster composting time giving a higher throughput of material for a given surface area.

A.W. Jenkinson Production Manager David Hodgson commented,

“As a producer of PAS 100 certified compost, it is essential that we optimise both our quality control process and batch consistency which is where CMS2010 system is helping. We look forward to continuing to work with CompostManager and the identified benefits it brings to our business”.



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