What is CompostManager?

CompostManager is the world’s only total compost management system.  The system analyses temperature, moisture, O2 and CO2 simultaneously, using a single probe and custom designed software.

The CompostManager system incorporates:

  • Unique four-way probe to measure temperature, moisture, oxygen and carbon dioxide
  • Bluetooth enabled barcode scanner
  • Data monitoring instrument
  • Online data analysis

The CompostManager software analyses the results, which can then be viewed very simply, either for the site as a whole or for each individual windrow.  Once analysed, the software will produce a simple instruction for the composter to follow, directing the user to either ‘turn’, ‘irrigate’ or ‘leave alone’ to ensure optimal conditions in the windrow.

CompostManager has been created with the benefit of over seven years of research using detailed analysis of data collected from fully operational sites, with over 330,000 sets of measurements.  It means that for the first time composters can understand the process fully and, more importantly, control it.

Results have shown that the system is capable of producing high-quality compost in NINE weeks after only FOUR turns.


  • Minimise the impact of odour and bio-aerosols
  • Accurate measuring and reporting
  • Demonstrates adoption of Best Available Technique to the regulators and governing bodies
  • An understanding of what is happening in the composting process
  • Control of the composting process at your fingertips
  • Potential to reduce operating and labour costs
  • Potential to reduce machinery costs through fewer turns

CompostManager doesn't just give you data, it tells you exactly what to do.

Data Handling & Analysis

CompostManager's easy-to-use data analysis software gives accurate overviews of exactly what is happening on the site as a whole and in individual windrows.

    Oxygen and Carbon Data Table


Moisture Data Table


Temperature Table


Data table


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