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CompostManager presentation at Compost Operator Training workshops

  • 14 October 2013

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Dr Eric Crouch, the scientist behind CompostManager, recently presented at the Organics Recycling Birmingham workshop to compost operators across the UK.

The workshop concentrated on how operators can improve process control at every step of the composting process to increase efficiency, shorten cycle times, produce a better product and comply with ever increasing environmental regulations. Dr Eric Crouch's presentation

Dr Eric’s presentation ‘Using monitoring data to optimise the composting process’ outlined the need for process management systems as they are essential for ensuring a composting process is running as efficiently as possible.

The obvious benefits being that costs are reduced, odour generating conditions are minimised, the regulator and site neighbours are kept happy and the end product quality and consistency are optimised.

This was followed with an overview of CompostManager, demonstrating how the four measurements of moisture, temperature, carbon dioxide and oxygen are all essential to the composting process and the algorithims determine the actions required by the operator.

To find out more about the presentation or to request a copy please contact us.


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