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Smart operators are turning to CompostManager

  • 17 August 2017

New EU regulation is looming over the composting industry. The Industrial Emissions Directive will require the composting industry to become much more scientific in its approach. CompostManager is a vital tool in meeting the new requirements.

The reference document defining Best Available Techniques (BAT) for Waste Treatment (referred to as BREF) is expected to be finalised by the EU later this year and will form part of the Industrial Emissions Directive. Its scope is huge and its impact will be felt across the entire waste and recovery industry.

Many composters have barely woken up to its implications. With the aim of improving overall environmental performance, it will require composters to implement an Environmental Management System, incorporating continuous improvement of environmental performance. Compost sites will need to monitor and measure a range of variables including temperature, oxygen and carbon dioxide. Formal plans for odour management, residues management and more will be necessary.

The regulatory push requires composters to become much more professional and scientific in their approach. It makes sense from a business perspective too. Instrumentation, measurement and monitoring provide site managers with the information they need to fine-tune productivity. Without information, how do they know where they can make improvements?

CompostManager, from Freeland Scientific, is the solution smart operators are turning to as they prepare for the new requirements. It is the world’s only total compost management system and supports a more scientific approach to composting, improving site productivity and odour management plans. It also supplies data for PAS100 reports at the click of a button.

For further information, please call Maria Lamswood on 01322 667076.

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