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CompostManager highlighted in odour control solution

  • 03 October 2017

In an article on how the Environment Agency investigates complaints about odours in the Autumn issue of Organics Recycling, an industry expert explains how CompostManager was part of the solution to reduce odour problems at their composting site.

The article in Organics Recycling (which can be read in the online magazine here) states that 65-88,000 reports are made by the public every year over a range of pollution problems. Since 2013, when a classification scheme was introduced, around a quarter of all these reports related to water pollution, followed closely by odour. It is not surprising therefore that the Environment Agency pays particular attention to odour pollution from composting sites.

With odour one of the primary environmental impacts of permitted composting sites, solutions to odour issues can be critical for compliance. This is where CompostManager can help.

A case study with the article is described at a site which receives green waste from local councils and landscape gardeners and composts approximately 38,000 tonnes of green waste every year. After receiving complaints about odour, the company began working with the Environment Agency on a strategy to reduce odour. It involved changing practices and using CompostManager to assess temperature and oxygen levels and turning to occur at the optimum time. The package of improvements made have reduced the level of odour and the number of complaints received.

Contact us now to find out more about CompostManager and how it can help minimise the impact of odour. Call 01322 667076.




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