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CompostManager, Industry Leaders in Composting Data Analysis UK, Europe, Worldwide

The world’s only compost control management system

With significant growth within the composting industry, the ever-evolving face of available commercial composting management systems is changing. Composting best practices have come under real scrutiny from regulators over the past few years in the advent of updated industry legislation such as BSI PAS 100 which was developed in conjunction with the Association for Organics Recycling.

CompostManager is the world’s only total compost control management system. The system analyses the composts temperature, moisture, O₂ and CO₂ levels simultaneously, using a single compost probe.

Unique four-way probe to measure compost temperature, moisture, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels

Our unique CompostManager software analyses the results, which is then simplistically presented for the whole site or for each individual windrow. Once analysed, the CompostManager system will produce a simple instruction for the composter to follow, directing the user to either 'turn', 'irrigate' or 'leave alone' to ensure optimal conditions in the windrow.

CompostManager has been created with the benefit of over seven year’s industrial composting research here in the UK. Using detailed analysis of data collected from fully operational composting sites, with over 500,000 sets of measurements. It means that for the first time composters can understand the process fully and more importantly, control it.

Results have shown that the system can produce high-quality compost in NINE weeks after only FOUR turns.

CompostManager comes complete with:

  • Our unique four way measuring probe
  • Data monitoring instrument
  • Online data analysis, instructions, reports and records
  • Bluetooth barcode scanner
  • Operational harness
  • Calibration certificate
  • Custom made hard case
  • Software and hardware user's manual
  • On-and-off-line support with full tech support
  • One-year warranty limited to defects in material and workmanship

...And we are always available to provide customer technical support and training