Do you run an Open Windrow Compost Facility?

Yes? Then you need CompostManager

Compost Management Tool for Effective Oxygen Measurement

This easy to use compost management tool takes the guesswork out of aerobic composting and compost oxygen measurement by analysing Temperature, Moisture, O₂, and CO₂ levels, and providing the user with clear instructions to optimise the composting process.

With the use of our compost management tool, each windrow can be individually analysed and then directions provided to help maximise the efficiency of the composting process.

This has the capacity to:

  • Reduce the impact of your Odour Emissions
  • Increase productivity by reducing your composting time
  • Reduce your production costs
  • Comply with Best Available Techniques (BAT 36) for Waste Treatment
  • Accurately record data in conjunction with the PAS100 requirements, and generate reports for every batch

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Total Composting Data Analysis

  • Our compost management system analyses the data collected from the compost probe. It will produce a simple set of instructions for the composter to follow; directing the user to either 'turn', 'irrigate' or 'leave alone' to ensure optimal conditions in the windrow
  • CompostManager was designed by crunching over 500,000 data points from active composting sites 
  • Take the guess work out of your turning schedule. By using the CompostManager system to analyse compost oxygen measurement, you will know when the conditions are absolutely right to turn - reducing operating and labour costs
  • The data is recorded and stored in the cloud. Giving you a back history of compost measurement for compliance purposes 

Oxygen / Carbon Dioxide

Aerobic composting consumes oxygen and as a result produces carbon dioxide. The balance of these two is essential to understanding the process.
CompostManager has shown when the balance is right, any odour issues previously experienced can be significantly reduced.


In order to achieve the optimum conditions to create premium compost, it is essential to record and analyse moisture levels in a windrow, which should be maintained around 50%.


Temperature is essential for ensuring a pathogen and weed free end product.

Temperature recording also demonstrates compliance with legislation (PAS 100).

Compost Data Handling & Analysis

CompostManager's easy-to-use data analysis software gives accurate overviews of exactly what is happening on the site as a whole and in each individual windrow

CompostManager - 10 Years of Worldwide Orders

Tried & Tested

Industry Approved


Features and Benefits




Compost Probe

Produced from Marine grade stainless steel

Robust probes suitable for all types of waste sites and exposure to all the elements

Unique Head Design

Compost Probe Handles

Makes inserting the compost probes easier with something to hold onto

4 Readings Every Sample

Regulatory Approved

Adheres to BAT 36 (Best Available Techniques)

Intelligent Programming

Unique Programming

Provides step by step instructions on what to do and when

Efficient Composting

Reduce Unnecessary Costs

Composting to the optimum efficiency can help increase productivity and reduce costs

PAS 100

Automated Reports

Compliance reports available for each countries requirements

Audit Reports

Complete Batch History

Regulatory approved – easily accessible for audit purposes

CE Marked

Industry Approved

Peace of mind

Probe Weight

2m = 3.1kg; 1.5m = 2.5kg


Temperature Range

Wide temperature range -50 -200°C
-58 -392°F

This enables the system to be used worldwide

Data Storage

Secure Online Database

Data backed up daily

After Sales Service

Customer Care

We provide an exceptional after sales service where no job is too small

CompostManager is the world’s only complete compost management system that uses a unique four-way compost probe to measure the temperature, moisture, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in compost. Using this data industrial windrow composting can produce high-quality compost in just nine weeks after only four turns. Through thorough, reliable data in compost oxygen measurement as well as carbon dioxide levels in compost, you will be sure to have the highest quality compost.

We’re the market leader in the compost industry when it comes to the management of open windrows. Our unique technology includes a specially created monitoring instrument and web-based software which when used together allow the user to easily manage windrow composting and take the guesswork out of turning and irrigation. With our technology, it takes the guess work our of compost oxygen measurement and compost management. Created following 7 years of industrial composting research, CompostManager helps to truly optimise the composting process.